Sloan Investment Management, LLC

Why RIA?

Why work with a Registered Investment Adviser?

Sloan Investment Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA); registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As an RIA, we abide by the fiduciary standard, which requires us to place client objectives above company gains. We are an independent investment advisor, managing customized portfolios on a discretionary basis without bias. As a boutique, employee-owned firm, we are able to work with a select group of clients and focus more attention on their unique needs and pay close attention to their portfolios. Our fee-based structure, uniquely aligns our clients’ interests with the goal of growing and protecting capital.

We entrust the custody of our clients’ assets to the largest RIA custodian in the U.S., Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab safeguards our clients’ assets, as well as provides clients with monthly statements, online access, and tax reporting documents.